See any strange trolley bus pictures lately?
Please help me figure out what's going on

Been running this website for over 10 years. I don't mind people downloading the photos. That's kinda the idea. I didn't originally watermark, but photos started showing up in odd places, and the individuals responsible didn't see it as a problem. I figured, therefore, they wouldn't see watermarking as a problem. And so I started.

So, I scratch my head in awe -- rubbing out one watermark, but leaving the other in? Disturbing.

1) the idea of a watermark is not only to assert where something came from, but also to cue others to where they might find more material like what they're looking at. You rub out the watermark, and you deprive people of the opportunity to see more. 2) If the idea is to somehow stop my putting up the images, that would deny the perpetrator additional new images (some come in a couple times a week), which would reduce the additions to "their" collection.

Maybe it's to completely and embarassingly discredit me into a world of shame so that I throw my hands up and never post or email again. Kinda like the story my wife tells of when her college roommate would get mad at her boyfriend, she'd make a real Mussolini face, carry on for awhile and then turn his portrait picture down flat on her desk to "show" him.

Perhaps it's an individual who wants to be the new trolley bus image pusher ... wearing a trenchcoat and fedora on the streetcorner, and saying in a gravelly voice, "hey kid, wanna see some pictures of buses ..." and then proceeds to show them doctored pictures of 60 year old Brills. On the other hand, maybe it's a good idea that my watermark is removed in that case. Ahem.

In closing, if anybody sees photos like the ones below floating around, please forward a copy. Info will be kept in strict confidence.

But let's talk about what we do know. The individual who did this:

- Cannot be much of a fan of trolley buses.   No passion or vision for clean electric transit.    I suppose in some weird way it's good to see them express their true feelings.
- Has zero respect the work that museums (and others) do to preserve and present history.    An individual defacing a preservation effort speaks volumes.

Real photo of 104 here, doctored photo below

Real photo of 103 here, doctored photo below

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