Merrill WI Trolley Coach
Merrill Railway and Lighting Company

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First Trolley Coach Run: May-June 1913
Last Trolleybus Run: Fall 1914

Merrill Railway and Lighting Company needed to extend service to the Sixth Ward, west of the Wisconsin River. Daunted by a bridge of uncertain strength which also crossed three steam railroad lines, and inspired by a Carson, Pirie Scott battery bus, Manager ES King arranged for an 18 passenger bus to be built. As Merrill's overhead was double wire, the wire was extended. This was the first instance in which an established transit undertaking attempted to use trolleybuses in the US.

Service continued for a year and a half before the bus shook itself to pieces. In 1914, the bus was sold to a New Bedford MA businessman, who ran it in Fairhaven MA for a short time.

Source:    Transit's Stepchild; The Trolley Coach

Builder Model Year Notes
  Field Electric Bus Company   1913 Sold to Fairhaven MA, 1914

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