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Seattle Transit retired all its Brills in 1963 when a large portion of the trolleybus network was abandoned. The truncated system was served by a diminished fleet of Twin Coaches and Pullman-Standards. Alone of its sisters, 798 was picked up by a private citizen only to rust away for a dozen years. But in 1975, not long after another system contraction, successor operator King County Metro found itself short of trolleys and reacquired the derelict, restored it and returned it to active service. It is resplendent in the elegant cream, black and dark green with silver top which it had borne when new in 1940 but which had disappeared by the end of the '40s. Once retired for good, the little Brill passed into the care of the Metro Employees' Historic Vehicles Association. It is one of three historic trolleys currently used by MEHVA for excursions.
Don Galt photo

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